I don’t understand how it works. Can you simplify it for me?

I don’t understand how it works. Can you simplify it for me?

Sure! Top companies are outsourcing their call volume through the network. The network then outsources to companies like Kirsten & Associates to find the people that are working from home and connect them to the clients in need of services. You certify for the company you choose to provide your services to and start taking inbound customer service calls from your home. It is all computerized so you basically log into your computer and into the clients systems and the calls come directly into your phone line! You answer the phone as if you are in a call center! It’s a pretty cool concept. Customers are happier because they can speak to someone that they can understand and it gives people that can’t work outside the home or need flexibility an opportunity to be in business for themselves and make a living!

For me, I chose to do it to help with bills and to be able to spend more time with my family. My family is happy and I am super happy! No office drama, no daily commute, spending less money on gas and after school care. It all adds up. I don’t have to spend extra on work clothes or put makeup on. It truly is an amazing opportunity. You have to be self disciplined and motivated and you also have to have some working knowledge of computers and technology (to a degree).

Think of it as your own call center at home. You choose who you provide services for and the pay rate is based on the client you choose. You choose how much you work, full time or part time. You manage yourself and can do it in your PJ’s!

Partner your business with Kirsten & Associates today and let us connect you with some of the most prestigious companies! Want to talk to us on the phone? No problem! Fill out our Contact Us form and put in the best time for us to call you and we will call within 24 hours!

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