Do military spouses or active military receive incentives?

Do military spouses or active military receive incentives?

We currently offer vouchers for Certification Courses to military spouses, veterans, Veteran Spouses or active members or US Armed Forces.

50% off first client certification course (up to $150)

To claim 50% off 1st client certification course you must:

Select “MILITARY” in the profile under “How did you hear about the network”.

Email your CSPID and any proof of military to when you reach the payment page of enrollment. Proof may include but is not limited to military ID’s (spouse, active or veteran), certified letter or mail confirming military affiliation. Please allow 24 to 48 hours to process.

Do not pay for the course until the voucher has been applied. Refunds are not given after a course has been paid for. I will email you to let you know when the voucher has been applied and when you can finalize your enrollment.

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