Do I get something for referring my friends?

Do I get something for referring my friends?

Yes! For every friend you refer to Kirsten & Associates and Network B, you get $$$!

So, tell all of your friends and family and enjoy some extra cash in your pocket.


In order for you to be eligible for the Referral Program, the new registrant MUST DO the following:

  1.  Your name must be listed as an Affiliate Partner with Kirsten & Associates.  Click Here to request to be added as an Affiliate Partner on our website.
  2. Your friend/referral must select your name when asked "Were You Referred By An Affiliate Partner?" on the Registration Form and/or Application on our website.
  3. Your friend/referral must create a profile on Network B and enter the CSPID 1038019 for Barnes, Kirsten when asked “Did you learn about the Platform from a call center or one of their agents?”. Their network profile should match their candidate profile submitted on our website.
  4. Agent that you refer must enroll in a client program within eight (8) days or less of creating his or her Network B profile, AND successfully certify for the client program of their choice.
  5. Agent that you refer must service the client program for at least 45 days.
    1. The days to sign up to use the Network B Platform, include the time it may take to reset a profile due to any inactivation.
    2. If the Agent drops, fails, or is cancelled (voluntarily or involuntarily) from the first course selected, they will not have met the eligibility requirements.

 If the registrant meets the requirements listed above (1-5), you will receive $$$.

  1. The agent must continue to meet network and client metrics set forth in the applicable SOW during the 45-day time.
  2. Payments will be made once Network B has processed and verified all of the data for the referral.

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